TMA Engineering

Coining, Minting and Forging Presses

TMA also specialise in coining and minting presses, with the many years of expertise we have gained we understand the accuracy and repeatability required in the minting industry.
We can carry out complete press overhauls or overhaul specific assemblies such as the knuckle joints or clutch brake assemblies.

We can overhaul and repair index box units and ejector systems.

We can fit operator’s guards and press controls.

Below is one of four presses we completely overhauled and rebuilt for the Royal Mint the overhaul comprised of:-

  • Completely stripped and overhauled including all new bushes and bearings.
  • New Ortlinghaus clutch/brake unit.
  • Complete new electrical control, panels, rewire including new drawings.
  • New Inverter and braking resistor for variable speed.
  • Complete set of new guards.
  • New pneumatic and lubrication system.
  • New servo driven index unit.
  • ‘Multi-strike’ operation.
  • New flywheel brake.
  • New ejection system.
  • Maintanance and Operators Manuals.
  • CE Marked.

hme k360 P2

Forging Presses

TMA also specialise in forging presses like Nationals, Waterbury Farrels, Etchelles etc. the green press is an Etchelles multforge which we completely stripped and rebuilt with:-

  • Clutch/brake overhauled
  • new bearings and bushes
  • New flat belt
  • Slideways remachined
  • new lubrication system
  • new pneumatics
  • new electrical panel
  • complete rewire
  • HSG236 certs