TMA Engineering


Welding is another one of our specialities; we have arc, mig and tig welders. We can weld all types and sizes of fabrications in mild steel to aluminium.

We can repair your broken parts, replace worn parts and make them like new, we can work to samples or drawings.











This is a wheel off a 400 ton screw press; the centre hub has cracked and come away from the main wheel.
We gouged out the material to prepare the area for welding and then re-welded it.

thames dock barrier











Above is an assembly for raising and lowering the impounding flaps for the docks on the Thames in London to control the level of water in them. The assembly had a jam and parts were broken and twisted, we replaced and repaired many parts on the assembly. This involved completely overhauling the gear box, new plummer blocks and bearings, new chain sprockets and chain, new shafts, cutting off and replacing support beams and realigning all the shafts and components.