TMA Engineering


TMA design, manufacture and install guarding for all makes and size of power presses and ancillary equipment.

Rising Screen Guards – Fixed Guards – Hinged Guards – Acoustic Guards
Fence Guards – Light Curtains – Flywheel, Gear Wheel, clutch & brake guards etc. 


  • All guards comply with current British Safety Standards.
  • Interlock switches can be fitted to relevant opening parts.
  • Guard shot bolts – to lock guard shut in operating mode.
  • Pneumatically opened and closed guards.
  • All guards can be fully integrated with the press safety circuit.
  • Painted to your choice of colour.
  • Polycarbonate, safety glass or steel mesh for windows.
  • We have a team of service engineers for installation of guards.
  • We can overhaul and repair your existing guards.

Rising Screen on W&M 250 Ton Press        Fence guard for hydraulic press

Auto turning machine              Rhodes 200T  press              HME GH20 rising screen

HME K360 –operators guard

new guard

new hinged rear guard