TMA Engineering

Inspection and Maintenance (HSG236)

Our engineers are qualified and trained to carry out mechanical and electrical HSG 236 inspections in line with HSE guidelines.
Our Engineers are qualified in NDT (non-destructive testing) to PCN level II so they can inspect your critical press components.

We can also carry out routine servicing on your presses and ancillary equipment every 3, 6 or 12 months.

We carry out Mechanical & Electrical HSG236 inspections inline with current HSE guidance. Our thorough checks include Non Destructive Testing of critical mechanical components and electrical inspections with EN60204-1 testing for voltage drop, earth loop faults and insulation resistance.

Our Engineers are qualified to PCN Level II NDT using the magnetic particle method which is recognised by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT)


The HSG 236 replaces the previous PM 79 examination.

It is a statutory requirement that power presses are examined and tested by a ‘competent person’, before they are put into use for the first time and then every six or twelve months depending on the types of guard that are fitted.

Power presses: maintenance and thorough examination, (HSG 236), is the result of work carried out by HSE’s Manufacturing Sector and organisations representing press users, inspection bodies who perform statutory examinations and those who supply and maintain presses.

“Power presses: maintenance and thorough examination”, updates and replaces some previous guidance on the thorough examination of power presses (PM 79) and gives practical advice on what, when and how to maintain presses. It also includes information on the sort of records that should be kept.

The guidance includes specific reference to the safety-related aspects of the power press electrical control circuits, including the need for up to date circuit diagrams. This will require particular checks to be performed at the ‘initial’ thorough examination of a press and may also require additional testing to be performed at the ‘periodic’ examination and test.

The expertise TMA we have gained enables us to offer a professional service to press users. We can provide Mechanical & Electrical Engineers to carry out the NEW HSG 236 inspections, and advise on any matters that need addressing to meet these requirements.

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