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Valve Overhauls and Repairs

  • TMA can overhaul your existing press safety valves.
  • Any make or model – Ross, Herion, Norgren, Schrader Bellows, GPA etc.
  • We keep many popular spares in stock.
  • We offer a quick turnaround.
  • We can remove, repair and refit your valves if required.
  • We can repair, overhaul and test them.


NEW Press Safety Valves

TMA are the UK agents for GPA ITALIANA S.p.A. valves   please visit –

MEP-A is a series of safety valves for presses and pneumatically acting safety subject groups; they are 3 way/2 pos. NC active components for compressed air powered single acting actuators control.
To achieve their safety duties according to effective standards, such as EN 692 for CEE countries, these valves must be redundant (double-body) and equipped with a dynamic failure monitoring device.

MEP-A are redundant double-body, parallel flow pneumatically actuated valves, rated to limit, in case of malfunction, the residual pressure to values under 3% of the inlet pressure.

Their inherent dynamic monitoring system blocks valve operation safety in case an inner leakage occurs, also if very low and not detectable by usual position sensors.

A phase difference between the two bodies of a few tenth of a second causes the self-locking of the valve, which cannot be inserted back until the safe running in the rest position will be restored (delivery sealed and parallel exhaust of both bodies).

Reset is automatic when the normal function is restored in the stand by position. An ancillary monitoring system with manual reset can be actuated by two pressure switches, delivered as an option, mounted on the relevant connections.