TMA Engineering

Railway & Locomotive Engineering

From 7 1/4″ – 4′ 8 1/2″ Gauge

Whether you are a commercial, tourist railway or private individual we can accommodate all your needs.
We can manufacture ‘one-off’ parts to sample or drawing or we can repair existing parts.
Please see pictures below for a small sample of parts we have supplied.



Complete Overhauls

Some Examples of work carried out

Hunslet loco, ‘Russel’ 2ft gauge – New union link off valve gear, made from flame cut in 2 planes
and machined to sample.

Hunslet loco, ‘Russel’ 2ft gauge – Tyres re-profiled, centres in axle had to be re-machined as they
were a different angle to the centre steady.

Hunslet loco, ‘Russel’ 2ft gauge – Swing link suspension system, 4 off new link arms and
bores machined and re-bushed.

Hunslet loco, ‘Russel’ 2ft gauge – Brake cylinders, boread out to accept new castiron liner
which was shrunk into position and rebored to new size.

GWR – New valve gear rocking arms, new pattern & steel castings machined to sample
plus new valve gear drive rod arms made from flame cuts.

New Crankshaft for traction engine

Please contact us for a quote or to discuss requirements.