TMA Engineering

Repairs and Overhauls

We can repair most components cutting down the cost of buying new parts.

  • Gear wheels with missing teeth can have new teeth fitted.
  • Cracked slides & frames can be welded, metal stitched and strengthened.
  • Worn shafts can be metal sprayed.
  • Existing worn parts can be re-machined and new mating parts made to suit.
  • Conrod threads chased and new oversize ball pins made to suit
  • Keyways and slots opened up
  • Wheel bores worn – can be machined and re-sleeved
  • Slide ways machines and re-scraped

Below are pictures of a small sample of the type of work we carry out:-

Friction Clutch Conversions – turn your old mechanical clutch press into a modern friction clutch press.

  • More control
  • Less maintenance
  • Easier press setting with ‘inching’ facility
  • New electrical control
  • Better for servo feed work.
  • Easier to un-jam if stuck on bottom


Complete Press Overhauls

  • The press is completely stripped & inspected to assess what work is required
  • New pneumatic and monitored lubrication systems fitted
  • Complete rewires with new control panels and PLCs
  • New automatic operators guards
  • Any worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced
  • Mechanical & Electrical HSG236 inspections carried out


Complete Overhaul – HME C28 – 200 Ton

Before                                                                        After